Saturday, May 19, 2012

We've moved!!

Hello fans, watchers, posters, and everyone else! Today, May 19th, we have begun posting at our new blog domain,, owing to storage space issues here at Blogger. This blog will, however, remain up for nostalgia's sake. ;)

See you at the new digs!

Friday, May 18, 2012

139/366 Kitty Watcher

The other morning, while I was trying to get motivated to face the day, Max was enthralled by a particular tv commercial. By the way, he is laying on my blanket, up against my belly, on the side of the bed I have to get up on, so he wasn't helping me get motivated at all.

139/336 little bat

This little friend was climbing the curtain at our holiday house, at Barry's Reef, in the Wombat State Forest, Victoria, Australia. They're not great photos as they were taken with my phone.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

138/366 Mother's Day

For Mother's day Hubby took me to one of my favorite restaurants. It's not close by.. it's in the middle of nowhere; about a 50 minute drive.. but it's a nice drive and they have great food. They are known for their steaks.  The town consists of this restaurant/bar, a church, and a few houses.

There are a lot of Amish people living in the area. We saw one horse & buggy, but I didn't get a good photo. Here is a road sign alerting drivers to horse & buggies on the road.

  On the way home we stopped at a small park. I've always liked this bridge .. there were 2 boys fishing off the bridge.

We also saw this tree, which I thought looked like an ent. :)

Southeastern Wisconsin

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

137/366 Family Day Out


Spent the day out with the Princess and the Rohan Man. This is at the Inn of the Rio Grande after lunch. :)


138/366 Flower

I spent Mother's Day weekend at my parents'. This lovely cornflower variety is blossoming in our garden at the moment. :)

137/366... Tinkerbell.

Ain't she purddy?

I have wanted a Fuchsia for a long time. My husband always balked at the notion. Then, for some reason, he shrugged and said... "Oh, that's a nice one. Sure, get it."   Well, I didn't argue the point and I brought home my little Tinkerbell.  (It's a Tinkerbell Fuchsia so I didn't really reach for the name)

Anyways, she now graces my front porch and everyone loves her.

Location: Calma's Front Porch.

Port Orchard, Washington, USA