For those days when there are just too many good photos to choose from.

^ 3/26: Passed this on my way through campus this morning. :D

The above is an addition to my post "Urban Carrots" from Feb. 20th.  I passed these a few weeks later and of course had to add them to the collection!  I do hope there are grapes out there somewhere...

On my walk down the pier to see the Tall Ships, I was brought to a sticking stop.
For between all the Fancy Dan boats and yachts was this beauty.


The last of the pizzas from Friday.
I was surprised there was that much left.
Oh, and it didn't make it past Saturday's lunch.

(Calma, Port Orchard, WA)

A history of the Mosquito Fleet.
If you click it large you can read it better.
(Calma, Port Orchard, WA)

Sailboat on Sinclair Inlet.
 This was my second choice for my guest poster shot on May 27th.
Taken from Manchester State Park, WA.  (Calma)

This is the Rhododendren my picture of 5/18/11 was taken from.
Nice and pretty and not a bee in sight.
Can't wait for the entire bush to be in bloom.
It's just sooooo pretty.

Calma's front yard. Port Orchard, WA. 

I tried to get him to smile, but all he wanted to do was grab that peanut and scamper up the tree.
This Pine Squirrel co-habitates with my Gray Squirrels. Which is strange since the Gray Squirrels are the invasive species and they will actually raid the den/nest of the Pine Squirrel and kill them. But the food is plentiful so everyone is happy.
This year he has a girlfriend..... :D
I was soooo excited when I saw the both of them chasing about the trees in the backyard.

Calma's backyard.  Port Orchard, WA.

Aha!  I found my way to the Runner up page!  hee.
Here is a pic of the redbuds, taken late April, 2011

So there!!

-Tooks in PA


New couch and loveseat!!

Picture of the yard without water!

55/365 Another pic of the Carnival theme - didn't put it on the main page because it shows less of the town.

55/365: Found this little guy on a geranium plant on my window sill today - not sure what he's doing up and about so early in the year.

55/365 And lastly, because I think it's funny :D (taken at a restaurant tonight):

52/265: Weather in Ann Arbor, MI; Top photo: 2 weeks ago.  Bottom photo: yesterday morning after a week of warm temperatures and melting snow.  Top photo: yesterday evening after SNOWPOCALYPSE.

41/365  Covered Bridge, Wisconsin


The Olympic Mountains taken from the Observation Tower in Port Orchard. ~Calma

21/365  One in 200,000!!
This saguaro cactus has a 'fan top'. We were very fortunate to see one because this anomaly only occurs once in about every 200,000 saguaros. They have no idea what causes them form.  I'd never seen one before, but we saw 2 on this trip.  ~Dawn/RoseMorninStar

20/365 Agua Caliente Gate
Another photo from Agua Caliente park, Tucson. It's one of my personal favorites.  It's the gate to the park. I love the shadow!             ~Dawn/RoseMorninStar

1/17 /11: More from Zingerman's:

The interior of the deli, with lots of yummy breeaadddsss.

The second floor of the cafe, Zingerman's Next Door, where I was studying in the corner.