Saturday, May 5, 2012

126/366 - Supermoon (and another puppy!)

So, I haven't really had much to take a photograph off this week, however last night was the night of the so-called "supermoon" where the full moon coincided with the moon being at perigee (the closest it gets to the Earth on its elliptical orbit). It was rather cloudy last night and I only had my mobile phone with me, so it's not the best photograph in the world! (The white light below the moon is a street lamp, not a star.)

Supermoon from MRCC Liverpool

In order to make up for such a woeful photograph, I'm also posting a photo of a Springer Spaniel puppy that my boss has just taken home. He's called Flak and is 8 weeks old.

Flak, the Springer Spaniel puppy.


  1. Oooo, the moooooon. Neat shot.

    Puppy!!! :D
    Cutie pie. :D


  2. What a cute little puppy!!! :D

    I love the moon shot!! I did not even take any this weekend of the moon.


  3. At least you got some moon - I think it was completely cloudy here, otherwise I can't think how I'd missed it so completely. :D

    Very pretty pup. :D

  4. I tried to take moon shots, but I wasn't able to get a good one.

    Love the puppy shot however.