Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31/366... Little Evenstar...

A girl and her bear

Our newest member is having some trouble getting things going.
Here is her first picture. Her daughter. Cutie pie that she is also has the teddy bear thing going. Teddy's are wonderful people. Just ask all of mine.  :D

Location:  Alberta, Canada

via Calma

31/366 A small memorial, and a new day....

It certainly wasn't as big as the one at State College, but last week some folks starting putting flowers and notes and balloons at our mini-lion, as a memorial to the passing of JoePa.

Then we had some lovely weather this past weekend.  I couldn't help but post this photo of some morning shadows:

-Tooks in Southcentral PA

Monday, January 30, 2012

30/266 Not Cirith Ungol

Bottom third by fre1ga
Bottom third,  on Flickr.
See the top of this spiraling staircase, all the way up by the corner of the picture? That's where a taller staircase begins, this one a no-nonsense straight up one. And at the top of that, another, much steeper one.

It is Tamalpais, one of the many staircase "paths" that pierce Berkeley hills.

Going down another of these walks, we found little figurines set at every landing. This porcelain angel had been given to comfort someone on the loss of their dog. Now it watches over the feet of all walkers. We needed it! The stairs were steep, cracked, and covered with leaves.

Guardian of the path

30/366: Prints

We had a very brief white-out this afternoon; as it was dying down I went downstairs to take a picture, and a girl and her dog were walking past, so I ran out and snapped this before the snow could cover them up. Hope the doggy's paws weren't too cold after the walk!

Ann Arbor, MI


Sunday, January 29, 2012

29/366 - Finds of the week

So much going on this week and I could not decide which picture to go with so I am adding 4 that have some meaning or other to several of us who post here.

First is this beautiful mother Bald Eagle and her young one out enjoying a day of training and learning. They were flying around and back to this tree outside my front window. I love that they enjoy coming here to play and I get the opportunity to watch and see these lovely graceful birds in nature.

Here is a new photo of the bison that are just a few lots down from us. The white faced bull I think is the daddy of all the babies we had this summer. He seems to be the dominant male. The herd tends to follow where ever he goes.

The last two are of a new nutcracker I found in a clearance bin at Michael's. It is a Scottish Bear with a kilt and all. He was so cute and Ryan collects nutcrackers so I could not pass it up. It cost me all of 99 cents. *SCORE*

Then we were discussing the hats that folks wear in Russia or what
ever that makes them look Russian. Well here is Ryan in his Black Rabbit fur hat.I think he looks rather Russian, if you as me.

Pictures taken in Bow WA.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

28/366 - Proper snow!

For the first time this winter, we've had nice fluffy snow. It snowed yesterday afternoon and then it warmed up a wee bit, which meant this morning, I had about an inch of ice to get off the car.

Friday, January 27, 2012

27/366 Poppy

Yet another older photo. This bright red poppy just stood out so perfectly from the rather drab background.

Posted by Rowanberry

27/366 - New addition!

Our new cat. Meet Max. We adopted him from the animal shelter after Mow-Mow got out and disappeared.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

26/366 Spring?

So far, we've had a very friendly winter here, encouraging the snowdrops to peek out a few weeks earlier than in previous years. :D
As I see now, an interesting contrast to Tooks and Calma's pictures this week. :D

26/366 The Windy City; Chicago!

*I am setting this post up early as my computer is in the shop having records transfered *
Chicago! That Toddlin' town!

We  live about 2 hours or so north of Chicago. So, we visit there on occasion and it's a great place to take photos.  'Clouds Gate' is a sculpture well known in Chicago but most people call it 'The Bean'. It's located right downtown near the waterfront in Millennium park. EVERYONE takes their picture here when they come to Chicago.

 To the right is a church in the heart of Downtown Chicago on the Magnificent mile that has beautiful grounds. It's so peaceful and such a quiet respite amidst the hustle & bustle. Above is a photo of a horse & carriage at Ghirardelli square near the old Watertower.
 Chicago skyline by the river.
The fountains in Millennium park day.. and night.
 One of our visits to Chicago had this massive sculpture of 'American Gothic'. The original painting was by Grant Wood.
To the right is a photo
of the skyline on the river. Sorry that it's blurry.
 A view of 'The Bean' at night and a shot of the city from our room. We were pretty high up.

On this particular visit to Chicago we went to see the 'Harry Potter' exhibit. We were not allowed to take photographs so I must have scanned this one out of a souvenir book. It's Hagrid's hut!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25/366 mmmMMMmmmmm...

This is the decaf mocha that my co-worker made me the other day. :) MMMMMMMM.....she's a latte wizard, I swear. And she may not think so, but her latte art is awesome.


25/366....Yeah, it's Winter alright....

Went to bed on the 17th with just a dusting of snow.

Woke on the 18th to this:

Where's the street?!

No one went anywhere on Wednesday the 18th of January. The streets were almost empty and all the schools as well as many businesses closed down. Most times this stuff turns to rain and melts off in a day where we can brush ourselves off and get back to work or school.

On the 19th we woke up to rain.

Yeah, freezing rain.

Little daggers

Ok, it's pretty to look at, but I hate it.

Location: Port Orchard, WA.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24/366 Pre- and Post-snow…..

I took this one before the snow started.  I couldn’t resist posting the chickadee since it turned out so well!

Post-snow:   You’d think snow would make things bright, but this day was just gray.

-Tooks in Southcentral PA

Monday, January 23, 2012

23/366 Wolf House

Wolf House by fre1ga
Wolf House, a photo by fre1ga on Flickr.

Ruins of Jack London's dream home, which burned down before he could move in. A sad, beautiful place.

23/366: One of these things...

...is sharper than the other! Two of my friends got me a katana-umbrella for Christmas, which (unbeknownst to them) I've been wanting for years. It comes with a sheath so you can wear it over your back, so I've been taking it to school the days we've had rain and scaring the locals. :D It's pictured with my Last Samurai katana replica, which I use to scare other people!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

22/366 - Faery house in the making

These are the beginning components for the Faery house that I am building this year for in my garden.

The package is drift wood sticks that will either be used for steps or for planks on the house.

The little terracotta pots will hold the plants that will be sitting around the house and in the garden area of the house. There are flower of blue and little white lilies and I bought some yellow sunflowers yesterday to add to them.

There are two small potted trees and then the little package of ladybugs that will be attached around the garden.

The black flat stones will be the stepping stones up to the house and they have words etched into them. One says Wisdom, one Serenity and the last Courage. There is another set they sell that has other things on them and I might get them as well. But for now this is what I have.

I look forward anxiously to get the final materials I will need to actually build the house. I will keep you all informed and get a final house pictured as I put it in the garden this Spring or Summer.

Photo taken in Bow, WA.



Or  how best to spend three cold days in Washington.

No one posted yet, so I'm taking this opportunity to post my first picture of the year of my baby girls. I brought their kitty beds in from the garage a couple of days before the snow hit and they jumped right in them. They either shared one or used one each, but they slept the snow days away in them. 

Location: Calma's family room. Port Orchard, WA.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

21/366 - Herding instincts

So, I was working a day shift this Saturday, which means no real opportunity for a photo (although I did take my camera with me). This means I've plumped for an old photo, taken in the summer last year (I thought a diversion from winter may be a good idea!).

This was taken when we visited my parents up in Scotland in June. Close to where they live is a castle and large farmhouse which has a little seafood café. Whilst we were sitting there, we noticed one of the working sheepdog's keeping a close eye on the hen and her foster ducklings. Later on, when the hen and ducklings wandered off, the sheepdog made sure that they didn't stray too far, and eventually herded them back away from the road and to the safety of the seating area. :D (I know I posted photos from this trip in June - I hope this is one that hasn't been posted on the blog!)

Colie watching hen with ducklings

Friday, January 20, 2012

20/366 - Library time

My "little" sis killing time with me at the library till we go back to my house for a girls weekend.

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20/366 Ducks

An older photo from me again for this week. Ducks and some other waterfowl sitting on a log in a pond close to the stables where my older daughter took riding lessons. While she was riding, I took walks in the neighbourhood whenever the weather allowed, and had the camera with me a few times.

by Rowanberry

Thursday, January 19, 2012

19/366 Choccies

At the weekend, my sweetie and I went to the chocolate shop he recently discovered. They serve a wide range of drinking chocolates, which you can see in the jars on the shelves in the first pic, but also tea or coffee and cakes and chocolates to go with them. Or to take home, of course...the result of which you can see in the second photo. :D

19/366 Second Breakfast?

I didn't have anything to put up today, so it was either going to be an old photo, of which I have TONS.. or this from this week.

Breakfast sandwiches made with homemade whole grain buttermilk biscuits, egg, sausage (or bacon) & cheese, if desired, is a favorite weekend breakfast (or second breakfast!) at our house.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18/366 Doggies and Dragons and Tigers...OH MY!

These are the Rohan Man's mother's dogs, Baby (the black and tan) and Shaggy (the red shag.) Both are pretty old and had to have teeth pulled so their tongues don't stay in their mouths too well anymore. lol

This was the dragon I made for Jessi's birthday last year for "pin the tail on the dragon" after all the tails had been artfully arranged.

And the Fairy Princess after having her face painted at the Summer Fest on the Rio.

~Dubs/Bonnie :)

18/366...Our New Bridge...

Manette Bridge.

In the latter part of 2010, they started a new bridge hooking West Bremerton to the community of Manette on the East side of Bremerton. The bridge replaces the old one that was built in the '30's and was in disrepair. Not ready to fall down, mind you, but we really needed a new one. The old one was freaky to drive over it narrowed in the middle and it gave you a heart attack when you had to pass a city bus in the middle of it. 
It was completed in the late fall of 2011. This picture was taken December 28. 2011.

The bridge crosses the Washington Narrows and leads to the Puget Sound. If you follow the link you will see a picture of the old bridge I found on the net.


Location:  Manette (Bremerton)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17/366 It doesn't look like it....

.... but it was FREEZING when I took this photo.  The temp was about 16F or -8C, depending on your system.  :D


And here we have some fuzzy fuzzies:

-Tooks in Southcentral PA

Monday, January 16, 2012

016/366 Salamander Cookies

Salamander Cookies by fre1ga
Salamander Cookies, a photo by fre1ga on Flickr.

These delectable and adorable cookies were featured at the book signing for The Cabinet of Earths by Anne Nesbet, which we went to last week.

16/366: Tow boat

It snowed here a few days ago and it looks like the proper cold winter weather is finally here to stay, although today it's a bit warmer and the snow's trying to melt, at least. (Hope hope hope!) At any rate, I thought today I'd post a summer photo because I'm in need of warm memories! This is my dad in the kayak -- we had a problem with the boat lift at our cottage this past summer (namely, it was new and our boat didn't fit in it!), so we had to anchor the boat off shore a little ways and then tow it in when we wanted to use it, which was all the time. This must have been a time when no one wanted to actually swim out to the boat and get wet; that never ended up working very well, but hey, we tried!

Row, Dad, row!!!

Boyne City, MI


P.S. I suddenly feel like I may have posted this picture already. If so, I apologize -- my memory doesn't go that far back!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My pictures for this week come from my trip last summer to British Columbia. One picture from Vancouver, and one from Whistler

The first is a picture from the summit of a man-made lake for snow-making. I had never before actually seen snow on labor day weekend. It was a weird experience in many ways.

This next picture is from Vancouver BC, the Anthropology museum at the University. I spent nearly an entire day at the place, one of the best museums I had ever been to, and certainly the most interesting architecturally.

Pictures taken in Whistler B.C and Vancouver B.C