Thursday, January 26, 2012

26/366 The Windy City; Chicago!

*I am setting this post up early as my computer is in the shop having records transfered *
Chicago! That Toddlin' town!

We  live about 2 hours or so north of Chicago. So, we visit there on occasion and it's a great place to take photos.  'Clouds Gate' is a sculpture well known in Chicago but most people call it 'The Bean'. It's located right downtown near the waterfront in Millennium park. EVERYONE takes their picture here when they come to Chicago.

 To the right is a church in the heart of Downtown Chicago on the Magnificent mile that has beautiful grounds. It's so peaceful and such a quiet respite amidst the hustle & bustle. Above is a photo of a horse & carriage at Ghirardelli square near the old Watertower.
 Chicago skyline by the river.
The fountains in Millennium park day.. and night.
 One of our visits to Chicago had this massive sculpture of 'American Gothic'. The original painting was by Grant Wood.
To the right is a photo
of the skyline on the river. Sorry that it's blurry.
 A view of 'The Bean' at night and a shot of the city from our room. We were pretty high up.

On this particular visit to Chicago we went to see the 'Harry Potter' exhibit. We were not allowed to take photographs so I must have scanned this one out of a souvenir book. It's Hagrid's hut!


  1. Love the skyline at night.

    Great pictures, Rose.


  2. Love the pictures Rose dear. It looks like a lovely place to go. I have only been to Chicago in the airport changing flights, I might need to stop one of these days and meet you for lunch or something. ;)

    Great photos hon.

  3. Rose, these are awesome! I absolutely love that church, and of course the Bean is always good times. :) Nice night shots, too!

  4. Chicago is a lovely city. We usually only get to explore the downtown area, but I'd really like to go into some of the neighborhoods. Next week I have photos set up from the Chicago m00t a few years ago. That was in the northern neighborhood of Evanston.

    Sil.. the church grounds are just lovely. I've taken TONS of photos there. The church is nice too. It's an old church.