Saturday, January 21, 2012

21/366 - Herding instincts

So, I was working a day shift this Saturday, which means no real opportunity for a photo (although I did take my camera with me). This means I've plumped for an old photo, taken in the summer last year (I thought a diversion from winter may be a good idea!).

This was taken when we visited my parents up in Scotland in June. Close to where they live is a castle and large farmhouse which has a little seafood café. Whilst we were sitting there, we noticed one of the working sheepdog's keeping a close eye on the hen and her foster ducklings. Later on, when the hen and ducklings wandered off, the sheepdog made sure that they didn't stray too far, and eventually herded them back away from the road and to the safety of the seating area. :D (I know I posted photos from this trip in June - I hope this is one that hasn't been posted on the blog!)

Colie watching hen with ducklings


  1. How cute!

    And thanks for the taste of Summer. It was sorely needed in these parts.


  2. I love it, this is so cute. A herder that takes his job seriously!! I have not seen this one before. Thank you for sharing a bit of your summer with us. It reminds me that it will get warm again. :D


  3. Nope, you haven't posted this before. In fact, I haven't even seen these particular ones on your Flickr account. I love it!! Now, I have to go look at the others.. :D