Sunday, January 29, 2012

29/366 - Finds of the week

So much going on this week and I could not decide which picture to go with so I am adding 4 that have some meaning or other to several of us who post here.

First is this beautiful mother Bald Eagle and her young one out enjoying a day of training and learning. They were flying around and back to this tree outside my front window. I love that they enjoy coming here to play and I get the opportunity to watch and see these lovely graceful birds in nature.

Here is a new photo of the bison that are just a few lots down from us. The white faced bull I think is the daddy of all the babies we had this summer. He seems to be the dominant male. The herd tends to follow where ever he goes.

The last two are of a new nutcracker I found in a clearance bin at Michael's. It is a Scottish Bear with a kilt and all. He was so cute and Ryan collects nutcrackers so I could not pass it up. It cost me all of 99 cents. *SCORE*

Then we were discussing the hats that folks wear in Russia or what
ever that makes them look Russian. Well here is Ryan in his Black Rabbit fur hat.I think he looks rather Russian, if you as me.

Pictures taken in Bow WA.


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  1. Love the animal photos Vana. We aren't lucky enough to have eagles and bison nearby. I have heard an owl that must have taken up residence by us. They are hard to get photographs of however, being nocturnal.
    LOL on the photo of Ryan in his Russian hat. :D