Sunday, January 15, 2012


My pictures for this week come from my trip last summer to British Columbia. One picture from Vancouver, and one from Whistler

The first is a picture from the summit of a man-made lake for snow-making. I had never before actually seen snow on labor day weekend. It was a weird experience in many ways.

This next picture is from Vancouver BC, the Anthropology museum at the University. I spent nearly an entire day at the place, one of the best museums I had ever been to, and certainly the most interesting architecturally.

Pictures taken in Whistler B.C and Vancouver B.C


  1. Welcome to the blog, Lewie!

    Nice pictures.
    Totally love the museum.


  2. Oh Lewie! Nice photos! We were in Vancouver, BC about a year & a half ago but we did not see either of those places. We spent most of our time in downtown Vancouver, and now I wish I'd at least gone to that museum. We were on the campus several times, but I don't recall seeing that building. *sigh* perhaps another trip!