Monday, January 16, 2012

16/366: Tow boat

It snowed here a few days ago and it looks like the proper cold winter weather is finally here to stay, although today it's a bit warmer and the snow's trying to melt, at least. (Hope hope hope!) At any rate, I thought today I'd post a summer photo because I'm in need of warm memories! This is my dad in the kayak -- we had a problem with the boat lift at our cottage this past summer (namely, it was new and our boat didn't fit in it!), so we had to anchor the boat off shore a little ways and then tow it in when we wanted to use it, which was all the time. This must have been a time when no one wanted to actually swim out to the boat and get wet; that never ended up working very well, but hey, we tried!

Row, Dad, row!!!

Boyne City, MI


P.S. I suddenly feel like I may have posted this picture already. If so, I apologize -- my memory doesn't go that far back!


  1. There's one happy sailor. :D

    No, I don't remember you posting this picture before.

    Warm summer days...

    Are they here yet?


  2. Nope.. I don't think you've posted this photo before. I think I would remember it!! How fun!!
    *Trying to think warm thoughts*