Friday, January 13, 2012

13/366 Grandma's School

My contribution for this week is from our road trip last summer. We stopped for a day in the town of Kajaani, where my maternal grandmother lived in her youth. At that time, this house was the school that she attended, and from which she graduated. It is noteworthy that one of her classmates was one Urho Kekkonen who in 1956 became the president of Finland; that's what the plaque in the wall is about.

Today, the house functions as a day care centre for handicapped children.

And, here's the other side of the building and the yard:

Kajaani, Finland

by Rowanberry


  1. Rowanberry! This is so cool! What an interesting bit of history.. something to pass along to your daughters as well. :D

  2. Great pictures, rowan!
    Love the history behind it, too.