Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10/366 Dandelions in January????

So…. Either global warming is real or these are some mutant dandelions!  Or maybe space aliens intent on world domination?  In any event, they are hardy little buggers.

And another photo, just because…..

Hee.  *loves horsies*

Tooks in Southcentral PA


  1. Horsies! Who doesn't love horsies?!!

    As for the dandelions, it's been a weird winter. We were eating kale from the garden as late as a week before Christmas! :o And today.. mid January it's about 45F.. in WISCONSIN! Bizaare. Not that I'm complaining, but with only a few days exception, it's been incredibly mild so far this winter.

  2. ALIENS!!!!
    They're plotting the takeover while in disguise as dandelions. No one can kill dandelions!
    We're doomed I tell you... DOOMED!!!

    Strange weather this year for sure.
    Love the horse. Any sign of the Horseboy about?


  3. No sign of the horseboy.


    Still have those alien dany lions though...