Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18/366...Our New Bridge...

Manette Bridge.

In the latter part of 2010, they started a new bridge hooking West Bremerton to the community of Manette on the East side of Bremerton. The bridge replaces the old one that was built in the '30's and was in disrepair. Not ready to fall down, mind you, but we really needed a new one. The old one was freaky to drive over it narrowed in the middle and it gave you a heart attack when you had to pass a city bus in the middle of it. 
It was completed in the late fall of 2011. This picture was taken December 28. 2011.

The bridge crosses the Washington Narrows and leads to the Puget Sound. If you follow the link you will see a picture of the old bridge I found on the net.

Location:  Manette (Bremerton)

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  1. Bridge? I thought there were only ferry's out your way? This must be connecting you to another small bit of land.. not the mainland. Very nice new bridge! Rickety old bridges over cold, deep water is SCARY!