Sunday, January 22, 2012

22/366 - Faery house in the making

These are the beginning components for the Faery house that I am building this year for in my garden.

The package is drift wood sticks that will either be used for steps or for planks on the house.

The little terracotta pots will hold the plants that will be sitting around the house and in the garden area of the house. There are flower of blue and little white lilies and I bought some yellow sunflowers yesterday to add to them.

There are two small potted trees and then the little package of ladybugs that will be attached around the garden.

The black flat stones will be the stepping stones up to the house and they have words etched into them. One says Wisdom, one Serenity and the last Courage. There is another set they sell that has other things on them and I might get them as well. But for now this is what I have.

I look forward anxiously to get the final materials I will need to actually build the house. I will keep you all informed and get a final house pictured as I put it in the garden this Spring or Summer.

Photo taken in Bow, WA.


  1. If you build it, they will come...

    Now you just have to get a few faeries to move in. :D


  2. Oh my goodness Calma! what a hilarious comment! Don't forget to take a photo of those fairies when they move in Vana!