Monday, January 30, 2012

30/266 Not Cirith Ungol

Bottom third by fre1ga
Bottom third,  on Flickr.
See the top of this spiraling staircase, all the way up by the corner of the picture? That's where a taller staircase begins, this one a no-nonsense straight up one. And at the top of that, another, much steeper one.

It is Tamalpais, one of the many staircase "paths" that pierce Berkeley hills.

Going down another of these walks, we found little figurines set at every landing. This porcelain angel had been given to comfort someone on the loss of their dog. Now it watches over the feet of all walkers. We needed it! The stairs were steep, cracked, and covered with leaves.

Guardian of the path


  1. I take it these are Frelga's pics?

    I love the stairways. Very Tolkienesque indeed!!


  2. Cool pictures, Frelga!

    I love staircases.
    I don't know why, but I love to look at the way they flow.