Wednesday, May 2, 2012

123/366....Long Lake..

Long Lake County Park

When the boys were younger, my friend and I would pack up my station wagon with food, extra clothes, swimwear and an inflatable boat and off we'd go to different county and state parks. My friend and I would find a picnic table close to the water and send the boys off. We'd set up the food and all things needed by two boys in grade school and then we'd sit and enjoy the day.  

Yesterday I took the camera out to the park. It was a sunny day, but a windy one.  The park was all but empty and I didn't stay long, I just wanted to come have a look since I hadn't been in years.

It's grown up like the rest of us, but still a pretty place to spend a day.

Port Orchard, Washington, USA


  1. A lovely peaceful view there Calma!!! I so enjoy going to the park and just soaking up the scenery!! Very tranquil!!


  2. What a lovely picture you painted with your words.. the photograph goes so well with that description. Ah.. to have a lazy, sun-drenched day of relaxation.. who of us couldn't use a day like that?

    We'll have to wait several months around here before it's warm enough for a day at the beach. We need to move somewhere warmer..


  3. I love silver birch trees. Lovely photo Calma