Sunday, May 6, 2012

127/366 A Walk at the Port of Skagit!

Today we decided to take a walk along the pathway by the Port of Skagit. It is next to the airport here and has a nice wetlands area that the walking path goes around an through. It was very nice out today so the walk was very nice. Took us an hour to go the entire path. Along the path we go by an waterway using plants as part of its filtration system. In the first picture you see a close up of how it comes out of each tunnel into a marsh area. In the second picture you see how the waterway goes through several tunnels and marsh areas as it goes along.

The last picture is of a set of blossoms on a tree along the pathway. We are not sure what it is but it appears to be an apple or some sort of something very similar!!


Photos taken in Skagit County in Bow, WA. The Beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA!


  1. Pretty pictures, Vana!


  2. That an interesting structure with the tunnels. Very pretty blossoms. :)

  3. The blossoms are pretty.. every thing is so green this time of year!


  4. Ooh, that's interesting and what a lovely place to walk. :)