Saturday, March 3, 2012

63/366 - First flower

Spring is here! At least is it inside my house. :) My columbines suffered dreadfully from leaf mold last year and I didn't think they'd recover. However I brought them inside and this week I've been treated to the first flowers. (Although a couple of the plants have got leaf mold again, so I need to spray them. *sigh* And separate them from the other plants that are all right.)

(My orchid (to the left) is doing much better having been moved back into the cool spare room. It clearly didn't like being in the warmer bedroom - despite all the websites saying that that type of orchid likes it warm! You can just see the buds - before they were turning yellow and falling off. Now they're staying green and growing.)


  1. Very pretty heliona!!! I am so glad to see Spring coming again!!!


  2. SO GREEN!! Lovely flowers Helen. We just got another 8 inches of snow.. more on the way.. I think Spring will be awhile for us. :/

  3. GREEN!! I only know that color from pictures all y'all send. :P ;) Seriously, the desert isn't very green. ~Dubs