Sunday, March 4, 2012

64/366 - Upriver

We took another drive today and went upriver towards the mountains to see some of the sights.

First off we found my new Truck!! Isn't it a beauty? It was sitting in some persons yard out by the road. I thought it had a very cool look to it. First I thought of Mater in Cars!! LOL

Then proceeded up to a spot where Ryan had come across this creek spilling down a roadway and thought I would enjoy it. I do!! It was very pretty and the way it crossed back and forth under the roadway so you could see it from both sides at time. The rocks along the stream are shale and they break apart very easily. We brought some home to add with the faery house that we are building.

A short time later we found evidence of the massive rainfall that we have seen this last few weeks. Here a pasture is flooded to the point that all the fence posts are in the water above the midway point. I thought it made a dramatic picture with all the fence in the water.

All these pictures were taken in Skagit county.



  1. Neat pictures, Vana


  2. Very nice photos this week Vana. You have such lovely country to take drives in!

  3. Lovely country side Vana! And yes, that is totally a cousin of 'Mater. ;)