Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80/366 - A dash of snow

On the other end of the spectrum.....

we got a lovely little 'dash' of snow, the complete opposite to Tooks beautiful spring blossom photos. Definitely living up to the Canadian stereotype! lol!

~Estar, Alberta, Canada


  1. Neat photo, Estar!

    Love the flakes in the forground and, what is that in the background? A house?
    Anyway, I like it.


  2. A very interesting photo Estar. We had very little snow this year.. and it is a very, very VERY early spring for us.. it is not terribly unusual to get snow in April, or even May.. but the grass is greening up and the trees are beginning to bud. I even cut some daffodils from my garden already.

    Here's to a little spring heading your way.


  3. Estar we got snow just this morning so I know how cool it is to watch it fall. But I am more then ready for Spring and here in the Pacific Northwest we should not be getting snow anymore. :P I am done for this year, please!!!!! Lord no more snow!!