Thursday, March 8, 2012

68/366 Crossroads of... Hobbiton??

The state of Indiana is known as the 'Crossroads of America'. Last weekend I went on an 8/9 hour road trip (one way) with my sister to see some relatives who live in Southern Indiana. We stopped for a bite to eat at this little restaurant and I thought it looked like something one might find in Hobbiton! The interior was decorated in an 'old world' style and was very attractive.  The food was 'homestyle' and every meal came with fresh rolls, soup and pie. Yum.

We narrowly missed the bad tornadoes in the area that wiped out several towns. Fortunately none of our relatives were affected. Still, it was a shame to see all of the devastation and it was a challenge to keep my vehicle on the road during the high winds.



  1. Neat restaurant, Rose.

    Glad your family made it through those winds.


  2. They look like little faery cottages or something out of childrens stories. I love the animated look to them. Very cool!!!