Wednesday, March 21, 2012

81/366....Sexeh Kitteh...


This is my   'little babeh gurl'.  aka, Rascal, Rasky, Rasky-Rask, and Rasky girl.
She tolerates the 'kids' and sometimes I find her having a game of chase with Pawsha, but for the most part, she ignores them. So, to give her some peace, I let her go into the garage where she likes to sit on things high up and look out the window then sleep in the sun.
Usually when I try to get a picture of her, she zips off like she hasn't got her hair done for the occasion or something. But the other day, she was on the trunk of our car just being all pretty and looking at me as if she were saying "Well, here's your photo op for the year. You best take advantage of it."

Yeah, she's my Rasky Girl. Living in a Rasky world.

Location: Calma's garage
Port Orchard, WA


  1. ooooh pretty kitty. How many kitties you got Calma? She looks sofffttt..

    Love the 'tude' in your commentary. :D


    1. Yes, she's VERY soft. Her Vet can't stop petting her!
      She's shiney, too.
      Everyone remarks on how soft and shiney she is and, unlike Pawsha, who thinks everyone should send all the compliments her way, Rasky just acts like it's no big deal.

      btw, I have three kittehs. Rascal, Pawsha, and Pawkah.
      Pawsha and Pawkah are the ones that were found in a dumpster. We adopted them from a friend who fostered them.


  2. Puurrtyy kitteh Calma!!! Love and power to the kittehs!!!


  3. :D



    She's lovely.


  4. LOLOL - she does look like she's posing for a 'sexy on the car' type of photo. :D