Thursday, March 8, 2012

68/366 Holiday in Sunny Climes :D

My partner had a few days holidays left from last year, which he needed to use up before the end of March, so we thought we might use them to go somewhere where it's already nice and warm now. :D

We found affordable flights and a nice hotel in Gran Canaria, so that's where we went. The Canaries belong to Spain but are located off the west coast of Morocco in Africa - so the climate is warm and dry all year, but the ocean breezes cool it down quite a bit. It cooled down to something like 15°C at night, but easily went up to 25°C on a sunny day. Just right both for a walk and a swim. :D

The hotel was right on the north-west coast of the island - here's the coast a few steps down from the hotel:

Gran Canaria is a volcanic island and that means it is full of those huge, dramatic mountains that are shaped by volcanic eruptions. Inland from the town of Agaete, where the hotel was, you get to a rocky, yet fertile valley, where we took a walk. The photo is of the beginning of the walk.

We probably didn't cover more than a mile, as the Nazgul flies, but what with the winding roads it was probably more like three, and with the steep ups-and-downs, it felt like five. ;) Awesome scenery all around us, though. :D


  1. Oh my goodness Monika.. how gorgeous! It makes me want to go somewhere warm.. I bet it was very fragrant there.

  2. Simply gorgeous!
    What a grand place for a vacation.

    Beautiful pictures, Hobby!


  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh now I really want summer to come!!