Monday, December 5, 2011

339/365: Belated Thanksgiving Food

I have promised some friends here on TORC to post photos of our belated Thanksgiving last Saturday.  This first post today is of the food and table, then on Wednesday I will post family with Maddie looking totally adorable.

Deviled eggs and olives, also amberware gift plate! Made by me.

Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle - My addition as well
Mr. Turkey, cooked by Brother Jim! 24 lbs - HUGE
Braised Sprouts with bacon hot off the stove, by me.
Table Scape!!  

 (note: all photos can be enlarged by double clicking, I just went for the large option rather than the extra large one) A bit of a blur to it.  But in the center is the now carved turkey (still a whole half left over), upper right just on the corner are my stuffed cranberries, bottom right is the stuffing, mashed taters and gravy, butter in the middle right.  On the left are the braised sprouts, potato rolls, more gravy and butter.  The only thing not in the photo is the yam souffle which was in the oven until the last moment.  All the food was totally lovely, everything cooked to perfection and a great time had.

On Wednesday I will post the family around the table and feature little Maddie!
I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we enjoyed the cooking and eating.



  1. Lots of food!
    The table looks marvelous!

    Glad you had a good gathering of family, Jules.

    Cool pictures.


  2. Wow!! So much wonderful food!! The feast looks like it was fit for a KING!!! I want to come to have Thanksgiving with you folks next year! ;)

    I cant wait to see the happy family photos that day!!!

    Love ya my SSOTH!! 134


  3. Jules, your dishes are perfect, wow! Except the sprouts of course, evil veggies ;) So those are deviled eggs mmmmm. We simply call them 'gevulde eieren', or 'filled eggs'. I would love to dive into the Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle right this minute, delicious. You outdid yourself sweet friend.
    And tell Jim that his turkey looks very impressive. Before, I mean, not after :D

  4. Ooh, that looks yummy! :D

    And we have a table-cloth that looks exactly like this one!!! :D

    (Marion, Jules's sprouts are awesome, though - I think I can say she converted me to sprouts. :D )

  5. ((hugs)) Monika!! I did make them for you. Honestly I have converted many people over to braised sprouts because they are so unlike boring, cabbage tasting bitter sprouts. These are lovely with almonds, bacon, shallots and good seasonings. :D I have people who said they would never eat one and then they now make it themselves.

    Drieske, thank you!! I know that Thanksgiving is a new tradition for you and yours looked just lovely as well. I bet it tasted just as great. :D ((hugs))

    Calma, we always seem to cook too much, but then we send leftovers home and the only thing that there is WAY too much of is the turkey. It must be a guy thing, bigger is better. ;)

    Vanadarlin', I would love to have you any day of the week and maybe even convert to you liking turkey. :D ((hugs))

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I wish I could have you all over for this sort of supper. Well any supper really, I just love cooking and enjoying friends with food.