Tuesday, December 27, 2011

361/365 - X-Mass

Went to visit family for Christmas, so here's the tree after Santa visited.  I wish I could say that was all for me, but alas! I only received a small portion of this bounty of consumerism.

I crashed at my sister's place, and this here is her dog enjoying her gift of a toy bone, and wearing something my sister calls "Christmas PJs" but which I call "something no one in their right mind would force their dog to wear in public."  Oh well, to each their own.

I brought Shadow with me, of course.  Here she is napping on the doormat for some reason.  I really don't know why, since I brought her bed as well.  She has very strange notions of comfort.

I wound up in the Chicago area with my sister on Monday, so for something to do we went to the Museum of Science and Industry.  We saw the German WWII U-boat they have there, which was kinda cool.  It was much smaller and more cramped inside than I would have thought.



  1. Poor little doggie...
    Has to wear the jammies...
    Cute dog though...

    Hope you and Shadow had a good Christmas.


  2. krawler, that doggie would die of shame to be wearing those PJ's. ;) Looks like it was a great holiday and excellent shot of the U-Boat in Chicago.