Wednesday, December 14, 2011

348/365: Make a wish!!

A gift from the turkey.
I said it was a 24 pound turkey and that gave us a huge wishbone.
Brother Jim got the better part of it, I hope he has his wish come true.

Now this looks like your average wishbone, but see the next photo.

 It may appear that I have small stubby hands, but the truth is I have long fingers, so this wishbone was HUGE, the largest I have ever seen or pulled.

I promise this is the last of the belated Thanksgiving photos. Now on to Christmas.
Jules, Brush Prairie, WA


  1. Now that's a honkin' wishbone.

    Hope your brother gets his wish, too.


  2. I do not believe I have ever seen a wishbone that large!! Nice of the bird to give you such a lovely gift! I do hope the wish comes true as well.