Thursday, December 8, 2011

342/365 Old School

This is an old one-room school house near my home. It's been decades since children crossed its threshold and it is no longer in use.  It has seen much neglect and is in a state of disrepair.. Still.. one can find these doting the countryside every couple of miles.

  My mother-in-law went to school in a building much like one of these.. some day I'll take the short drive to the area where she grew up & see if her old school house stands. If it does, I'll take a photo.

 Several of these old school houses have been turned into 'living museums'.. a few of the larger ones have been purchased and turned into homes or businesses, a great many of them have been torn down. I chose to take photos of the old schools that stand as quiet sentinels to a by-gone era.. 



  1. Really good photos, Rose.
    Interesting history behind the buildings.


  2. Excellent photos Rosie. I like the second one, sort of reminds me of a "Little House" moment.

    Too bad they have to tear them down sometimes.