Sunday, December 18, 2011

352/365 - A home with a view

This is some of the view from Elenath's new home in Redmond. Their new apartment is on the 6th floor and the view was totally awesome. I know the pictures really don't do it justice but while we were there looking out we saw some Great Bald Eagles and several large flocks of Geese headed south for the winter.

We watched and admired the cloud formations and then watched as the skies cleared to a beautiful clear blue and then proceed to cloud up again.

Their home is lovely and spacious!! Her kitchen is to die for too!

High ceilings and walls of windows open to the West for some lovely sunsets!! This was our first chance to see their new apartment and we were totally in awe with it!!!

A lovely day of snacking and going into Sugar overload was the order of the day Sunday Dec. 18th as the family got together at Ben and Andie's place! Only the cheeses for snacking and for the fondue were packaged, everything else was made by someone in the family for stuffing our faces and none of it was healthy.

Chocolates, fruit bars, Giant Cookies, Lembas, homemade breads, cheese puffs, a cheese fondue with sour dough bread, cheese and crackers, homemade pasta. Oh I am going to need to diet for the next year just to get over the sugar high!! But it was good!!!!


Photos taken in Redmond WA.


  1. Nice views.

    Glad you had a great time with family.


  2. Elenath must be thrilled with her new apartment and a great place for the new family to stay now.

    LOL...sounds like you had a ton of sweets, but it is the holiday - they are everywhere.

    Very happy you had a lovely time of your early Christmas.