Tuesday, December 13, 2011

347/365 - Christmas Decoration

My one and only seasonal decoration: a plastic fiber-optic tree thing with shifting color lights.  When I was growing up, every year Christmas would 'explode' in my house, courtesy of my mom's love of the holiday.  I'm not as enthusiastic about it, so this is all I have in my apartment.

To be honest, I didn't even drag it out of it's box.  It's been sitting in that corner of my living room since the end of the previous Christmas season, partly because I'm lazy but mostly because that's a very blank corner of my living space, and a green plant-like object helped with that.  But I only plugged it in after Thanksgiving.  After all, having it lit all year would just be tacky.



  1. Hey, some people keep their light on their houses year round, why not keep a tree in the corner? :D

    Merry Christmas, Krawler


  2. well since it does not need to be watered or any special care, why not!! I love the idea of just plugging it in when you are ready for some holiday lighting. :thumbsup:


  3. I agree, why not have a green thing to take up a space and then just light it up for the holidays. At least you have a tree!!

    Thanks for the shot.

    Jules and happy holidays krawler.