Tuesday, December 20, 2011

354/365 The end is near!!!

Just because there’s a dusting of snow on the ground doesn’t mean nothing is green! The grass along the creek is always green.   

This young hawk was hanging out in an unused barn, scoping it out for some tasty meeses, no doubt.  He flew off after I took a couple photos. 

~Tooks in Southcentral PA~


  1. Great photos yet again of your lovely area, Tooks. That young hawk was certainly on the prowl, but you got a good shot of him before he took wing.

    Hope the snow stays away until Christmas Eve..then a nice pretty snow that is gone by the day after Christmas.


  2. Oooo, great shots, Tooks1

    Love the hawk on the hunt.


  3. Lovely photos Tooks darlin!!! I love watching the young birds of prey learning and stalking and watching for their next victim er I mean meal!!! ;)

    Nicely done hon!