Thursday, December 15, 2011

349/365 Let there be light

I tried to take some night-time outdoor photos of the lights hubby put up, but they did not turn out the best. I tried again early this morning and the bottom photos are from Friday am. There are more lights in front of the house, and the basketball hoop looks like a candy cane (but that is not showing up in this photo). Our yard is large & the lights are spread out. It was difficult to get all of the lights in one photo.



  1. Gives an entirely new meaning to "Night Court". ;)

    Very pretty, Rose.


  2. Just lovely and I do think that the basketball hoop looks like a candy cane. :D Your yard is beautiful and I know the area appreciates you taking such care at the holiday to put up lovely lights.


  3. Very nicely done hon!!! I love to see the lights folks put up!! I just love the look of all the pretty lights at this time of year. I hope that Mica~Lynn will be impressed too!