Wednesday, February 1, 2012

32/366 Bearded Tree Man

I just bought this piece hanging in the coffee shop. It was made by my co-worker, Morgan the lead singer of Sweet Radish (and maker of my latte from last week's photo.)  She, like most of us that work at the coffee shop, is an artist as well and has hoarded her art for years and decided to put up a show at the shop and hopefully sell a bunch of it. Well, she's got a lot of green "SOLD" sticky notes up so I'm guessing it was a successful venture for her. :)  This is going next to my Tree Beard wood carving my parents gave me for my birthday last year, and all my Cernunos/Herne/Green Man/Jack in the Green things.


P.S. Click on "Sweet Radish" for their Facebook page. :)


  1. Wow, great talent there.

    I know it will be happy in your home, Dubs.


  2. I love Green man stuff! What art works do you do Dubs?

  3. We wants pictures of it in your home along with the other green stuff you mentioned that you have. Pictures or it did not happen or you don't have it or whatever they might say!!


    PS what do you do that is artsy? We wants to see!!

  4. My collection is just of stuff I have bought or been given over the years. My art, at this moment, is limited to my drawing and inking which has come to a grinding halt with the move. I'll post some pics of that stuff later on. :)

    And yes, I will post pics of him up once the show is over and I get him home.