Sunday, February 19, 2012

50/366 - Things in our Valley

These are some interesting things in our Valley that I thought some of you would find a bit interesting.

First we have Sakuma Bro. they have an online site that you can check out.
Ryan's mom found them on the internet and they apparently have teas that they grow and sell as well as fruits like berries and all. We totally want to stop in there during the summer this year.

Sylthian and I were discussing these cows the other day on PM. We both call these the Oreo cows since they have a black butt and a black forefront of the body but a very white middle section. The first time I saw them I thought one of the cows had some sort of a bandage about his middle. Ryan of course laughed when I said it.

I don't know the actual name for these cows but they are that way as a breed.

Photos taken in Bow, WA.



  1. Mmmmoooooo!!!

    Cute cows.
    Well, if you can call cows cute.

    You'll have to let us know how the teas are, too.


  2. I love those cows. And they're Belted Galloway cows, originally from Galloway, in Scotland. :) Wiki article on Belties

  3. Moo. How lucky you are to have a market like that so close by Vana. I see they sell plants too! I've been trying to decide what to put in my garden this year.