Monday, February 27, 2012

58/366: On the Road Again

I took my photo for this week on the road, too, but alas, no covered wagons for me! At least we're still having awesome (read: completely unusual, generally snowless, and relatively warm) weather!

Somewhere in Michigan



  1. I am still amazed at how different the roads are out your direction then here in our state. Maybe the lack of overpowering trees and greenery is part of the difference but the roads are made of something different too.


  2. Has Willy Nelson stuck in her head now.

    Really cool picture


  3. Vana, the roads have to be made differently.. we have so much freeze/thaw here --and tons of salt-- that the roads would fall apart with lesser materials that are probably fine for your milder west coast climate.

    Sil.. let's cross our fingers that the winter is nearly over!!

  4. Looks a lot like Colorado actually. Especially out on the Front Range.