Tuesday, February 14, 2012

45/366 Alien life forms!!!!!

Actually, this photo is the result of me trying to take a pic of the full moon while it was still dark.  I guess the camera moved a bit, eh?? 

This next photo really IS an alien mutant ninja dandelion!  I found it in my very own yard in February!!!

This is just a pic of snow, because it was pretty:

-Tooks in SC PA!


  1. Tooksey.. we got snow last night too. I don't think we have any thing coming up yet.. but it has been unseasonably 'warm' (relatively speaking, for February). And you can keep the aliens in Pennsylvania. :D

  2. Love the snow one. Love how the birdhouse is just hanging there looking lonely.
    The mutant dandelion cracks me up.
    But the alien invaders are just to laugh over... (I hope...looks around suspiciously...)

  3. Love the pictures hon!!! Such a diverse setting there.