Thursday, February 2, 2012

33/366 2008 Chicago Moot

*This entry is set up as a pre-post because I will possibly not have my computer for the next week or two so I'm using some old photos I thought you might enjoy.*

Photos from  CHICAGO MOOT- OCTOBER 2008  

This is a photo of the Chicago skyline.

Then next  shot is of the parlor at the Margarita Old European Inn in Evanston, Illinois  where we stayed. It was about 20 miles north of the city of Chicago, but easily accessible by the 'el', Chicago's public transportation system.
The Margarita Inn was once a club/residence for single business women and it retained most of the original furnishings & antiques.

The parlor was promptly closed at 11:00pm. Until then we played games & warmed ourself by the fireplace.

After 11:00 pm we went to the library which was a cozy wood paneled room on the second floor. 

A nice continental breakfast was served in the parlor in the mornings.

visons funky  shoes she picked up in Chicago
'Pippin's Tavern'.. we didn't go in, but we couldn't help but take a few photos in front of it!

                                                    To the left is an interesting photo of 'Clouds Gate' better known as 'The Bean'.

On the right is a mirrored pumpkin that was in someones yard. It mimics the reflective surface of 'Clouds Gate'  I love the way the leaves & sky are reflected in this photo.




  1. Absolutely love the pictures hon. I don't think I could have resisted going into Pippin's Inn. :D


  2. Great pictures, Rose!

    Love the pumpking made like the bean. :D


  3. Vana.. We probably would have gone into Pippin's tavern, but we wanted to make a specific 'el' train back to our hotel.. and the tavern was very small.. and had a very local crowd. Our bunch didn't look like they'd fit in. :D

    The m00t was a lot of fun however!