Thursday, February 9, 2012

40/366 Sketchy

I've been terribly busy the last few weeks switching from an old computer to the new one. I had so much stuff on my old computer.. would it surprise any of you to know that I have more than 21,000 photographs?? Yes.. that is THOUSANDS. As in 'am I out of my mind?!'   And a lot of music and documents/recipes too. I am in the process of sorting them all as the new computer uses a different system and everything needs going through. A good time to clean it all out and get it organized.

In any case I have not been taking too many photos, but I did a character sketch, just for fun, of my daughter & her sweetie. I thought it turned out cute and I'll need to polish it up a bit because now she wants to use it for a project. So, that's what I'm going with this week!



  1. How cute... :D

    You are a very good artist, Rose.


  2. Aw.. thanks Calma. This was a relatively easy/quick thing.. but fun. :)