Wednesday, February 29, 2012

61/366 The Witches Ball

No, I'm not talking about Harry Potter.. this is a witch's ball my sister gave me one year for my birthday.

A witch ball is a hollow sphere of plain or stained glass. Legend has it that they were hung in cottage windows in 18th century England to ward off evil spirits, negativity, witch's spells or ill fortune.  Witch's Ball actually originated among cultures where witches were considered a blessing and these witches would usually "enchant" the balls to enhance their potency against evils. It is said that the beauty of the orbs attract negative spirits and their energy inside the glass Witch Ball.



  1. That is a very interesting story, I never heard of them before. Very pretty too!!


  2. I like that. It's a pretty little thing, Rose.

    Great pictures.


  3. Actually, witches' balls/bottles, were very nasty things in the beginning-I know of some witches who still MAKE the nasty kind as a home protection thing, and you really don't want to know what goes in them.

    Yours is much prettier Rose. :)