Sunday, February 26, 2012

57/366 - Birds of a Feather

Today's pictures are a collection of what we found today around our area on a drive to see the Trumpeter swans. The first picture is of a pair of Trumpeters in flight. I love seeing them on the ground but in flight they are so graceful and beautiful.

This picture is of the Snow Geese that we also get here in the valley. People can get a license to hunt these but they are strictly limited on how may they may get. You have to do a special application for them.

This sight absolutely blew our socks off. We have never seen so many eagles in one tree before. They were in a tree near a creek that is affected by the tides and it is very low tide right now. So they are waiting to see what is stranded that they can pick off and eat. This was also right along a fairly busy road. They did not seem to be bothered at all by all the cars stopping to get photos!

All these photos were taken in the Skagit Valley.



  1. HOLY COW VANA!! Those eagles! That is just incredible! Swans are lovely creatures. I have a nice photo I took of a swan up in Vancouver as my banner photo on Facebook. Thanks for the photos. Just amazing.

  2. Swans aren't my favorite bird, but those eagles are wowzers.

    Great shots, Vana


  3. Sheesh! Seventeen (that are visible) eagles! Are you sure you didn't stray into the Lord of the Eagles' realm? ;)