Saturday, February 4, 2012

35/366 - University of York

I went to the University of York yesterday to chat with some people from the Nuclear Astrophysics research department (which is the area I hope to end up in). It was a gorgeous winter's day, and the university campus is rather nice, with a large man-made lake in the middle. Here are some photos I took just as I was leaving. The Physics building is to the left of the last photo (the covered walkway goes to it).
The Central Hall
The Central Hall

Trees and lake
View of paths with willows by the lake.

Canada geese
Canada geese in front of the Health Centre

Bridge over the lake
Walkway over the lake. The Physics building is to the left, out of shot.


  1. Nuclear Astrophysics?!! 0.o
    Sweet G...

    But they are nice buildings and it looks like a good place to study.


  2. Very Nice photos. What an amazing campus. :o Wowza.