Sunday, February 5, 2012

36/366 - Look up and enjoy the view!

We went out to day to do some shopping for groceries and while we were out we noticed a few thing. I also was surprised to see how many people did not notice or even look up to see what they are missing out on.

This hot air balloon was gliding gracefully over our valley and they looked like they were really enjoying this nice sunny day here in Skagit county.

We have noticed that many times during the Tulip Festival some company would bring up their hot air balloons for people to enjoy an aerial view of the tulip fields. I love seeing the colorful balloons resting in the air.

With the sky being as clear as it was we could also see the beautiful Olympic Mountains that Calma loves so dear. So we had to make a trip up to the Little Mountain View area and get some shots of it.

My little digital camera sure does not do them justice but the view of them was very pretty as the sun reflected off the snow of the highest peaks.

We agree that sometime we will have to get to this view area in the morning to see the sun shining down on this side of the mountains where we might see them much clearer.

This is the closest view I could get my camera to do and I just love it!!

These photos were taken today in Skagit county, WA.


These are for you Calma!


  1. Oooo, The mountains are out. :D

    Nice shots, Vana.

    Love the balloon, too.


  2. lol.. the mountains are 'out'.. :D

    Nice photos Vana! It must be a real treat to see the mountains everyday. :D

  3. Actually they are usually covered in clouds if there are any. But when the sky is extremely clear then they are beyond beautiful!!! I need to catch them on a super clear day!!