Wednesday, February 8, 2012

39/366 KITTIES!!!!

These are of the Rohan Man's kitties, Fat Cat (the fluffy ginger) and Willy (the calico tabby-whom I named Geniveve when she was a kitten as she was to be my kitty, but that never worked out so she's now Willy. :P )

You don't know how mind bogglingly difficult it was to get these two to sit for portrait shots. They kept rubbing up against the phone and turning their heads and generally not sitting still. Like my five year old really, only she LIKES to have her picture taken. lol.  My favorite is the yawn pic. That was a lucky break that makes me very happy despite the dreary coloring.

~Dubs/Bonnie Alamosa, CO

P.S. Please excuse our dust and general not cleanness of the house. It's covered in drywall and other stuff. :P

EDIT: The lovely picture I was hoping for! They both jumped up on the couch behind me as I posted. :D hee.


  1. Dubs, I love that last shot!

    We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, so I understand what a pain & mess it is. Soon, it will be over & you'll forget the hardships & enjoy your new space.

    So.. are any of you cat lovers into cat 'breading' that seems to be going around the internet?


  2. Love the pictures, Dubs. I don't mind the dust either.

    The portraits are great as well as the yawn.
    But ain't that just like a cat to be so aloof then suddenly give you what you wanted all along.

    So cute...