Friday, April 13, 2012

104/366 Parrots

These are two parrots that were in the tree outside my room at Halls Gap.  Not only are they beautiful but they are very chatty, they squawked and squeaked at us for half an hour before they got bored and flew off

 Early Friday morning and the wallabies are out and about
The creek at the end of the place where we are staying


  1. I believe those are goffin cockatoos. Are they relatively small (compared to the large Sulfur crested ones?) My parents used to raise exotic birds here in the States. Well, my mom still has a few, but they used to have over 300! Goffins make nice little pets.


  2. Very pretty birds indeed!! I absolutely love the creek at the end of the place. I have a friend here in our area who raised a Joey. Wallabies are so cute!!!


  3. Welcome to the 365, celebalqua!

    Great pictures all!