Friday, April 20, 2012

111/366 Momma Shady

This is Shady about a month ago, shortly after we brought her home.

This is Shady yesterday evening after giving birth to 4 puppies.
If you want to see all the pics, clicky the linky, and this SHOULD also work for people who don't have Facebook.


  1. Awww.. just adorable. <3


  2. PUPPIES!!! :D:D:D

    Congratulations to Mommy Shady.
    May the puppies grow up strong and healthy.

    They're all cute.


  3. Hope mum and pups are all doing well. Did you know she was pregnant when you got her?

  4. No, we didn't know she was expecting. Anybody close to me want a free puppy? We don't think they'll get very big.

    Yes, they are all doing well, the only problem we have, is that Shady's tormenting Poor Max now that the pups have been born. The poor guy was de-clawed when we got him and he's several pounds heavier than she is, but he's scared to walk through the house because of how many times she's attacked him. He's nowhere near her or the pups, he just wants to eat and use his box, or if he's in the other side of the house, he just wants to go to bed with me, but she jumps him almost every time. We've been scolding her for it.

  5. I would imagine that's a pretty common behavior with a new mum, you might need to separate them for a while.