Saturday, April 14, 2012

105/366 - Middle Earth Beer Festival

So as most of you know, I went to the Middle Earth Beer Festival with Hobbi, Wilko, and Aravar today. It was good (although the atmosphere could have been better - the kegs were in the village hall which had the feel of a school hall) but the weather wasn't too great. As a result, I didn't take too many photos, but here are some.

We arrived nice and early so this was the hall first thing, before it filled!

This was a husky puppy that belonged to the falconers. You can see a hooded falcon behind the pup.

Here's a falcon/hawk (I wasn't there when they said what they were and I was quite far away when I took this picture) stretching its wings.

This is one of the dogs in the display team. This is an excitable, very enthusiastic and energetic collie called Harley. All the dogs were pets, as opposed to "professional" display dogs.

This is a grey greyhound, Lucy, just at the top of the bridge.

Lucy jumping through the ring.

Gizmo jumping through the first of four fire rings.

We paid a deposit for the glasses, which as they were nice, we decided to take home as opposed to returning them and receiving the deposit back. Here's Wilko's filled with a beer (we're back at home). (The "Return of the Ring" bit is advertising an event in the middle of August at Lougborough University: Return of the Ring.)

A close-up of the Elvish writing on the bottom of the glass. A very brief inspection leads me to believe that it's a direct letter-for-letter transcription of "middleearthbeerfestival", particularly since it ends in "" :D


  1. It is a transcription, but not in any Tolkien-composed mode. It is Tengwar-letters-that-look-like-English ones. For instance the letter used for 'E' is usually 'Z' depending on the mode.

    1. Yeah, after having looked at it properly, we worked that out. I suppose that's all right, since most people going probably wouldn't know Elvish if it hit them!

  2. The grey hound Lucy is very similar to ours, Otto. I intend to post some images of him in the future.


  3. Ooh, lovely. I love photos of dogs! You should all be grateful that I don't own any pets otherwise you'd be inundated with photos of them!

  4. Well, with all the cats that have been posted on this site, it's probably time the dogs got equal time. ;)

    Great photos, heliona.


  5. Very glad you posted and shared some of the beer fest photos with us. Love the dogs performing and I love seeing the birds of prey who are used for Falconry or whatever. We see that occasionally at SCA events as well.


  6. Nice photos, Heliona! And those glasses are quite cool, even with no real Elvish. :D


  7. Yeah.. I like the beer glasses too.. and I don't even like beer! :P Perhaps they have some old wineyard somewhere...


  8. Looks like a fun day. :D And the glasses, are awesome! :D