Tuesday, April 3, 2012

94/366 This week: Flowers and a rock

You can’t get away from flowers this time of year!  The violets are growing wild all over the place….

The bleeding heart has an especially graceful form……

The white lilac hasn’t bloomed yet, but can you find the butterfly in this photo?????

Finally….along a misty trail one morning, the redbuds are blooming early this year……

Also along the trail, this very big rock lies broken, but it has a lot of character, I think…..

Tooks in Southcentral PA


  1. Violets are gorgeous...
    Bleeding hearts are graceful...
    Can't find the butterfly...
    Lilacs make me sneeze...
    I want to walk that trail...
    Love that rock.

    All great photos, Tooks.


  2. Isnt the butterfly green colored and almost in the center of the picture landed on the lilacs? I love the pictures hon!! I would never tire of seeing lovely flowers in bloom.

    I have noticed that my planter boxes are blooming out again too. Many have come back and are reaching to the sun for their nourishment. I am loving this!!


  3. Vana found it!!! The butterfly, that is...


    The trail is short...only 2 miles. A trip out and back is a nice 4 mile walk! Um...it is kinda hilly though.


  4. Oh my Tooksey.. just outstanding photos. I love the way you set them up on the page as well. Our Spring is not that far along.. but much further along than it usually is this time of year.

    Thanks for the gorgeous bit of Spring.



  5. Pretty.


    I agree with Vana on the butterfly.

    LOVE the trail pic the best, but they're all lovely. LOL! Bleeding Hearts...yeah, mom has never been able to keep those. Every dog we've ever had has either thought they were great to lie on or uproot. :P


  6. Lovely. I love the misty path. And I spotted the butterfly. :)

    Some of my flowers are out, but I've had to bring lots back inside because we had snow last night. *sigh* I think they're going to remain indoors for another couple of days.