Saturday, April 21, 2012

112/366 - New Brighton Hovercraft

A couple of weeks ago we (as in my workplace) had a visit from one of our rescue hovercrafts. Here's a photo of them about to leave:

I took the photo on my new phone and because I'd turned the screen brightness right down to save battery power, it meant that I couldn't see which button I was pressing. As a result, I took a (very!) short video of the hovercraft leaving (you can see it rising up as the curtain is inflated, though):


  1. Cool. How far off the ground can those hover? I didn't know hovercraft were 'reality'. Are they mainly for land or sea?


    1. They don't really go off the ground. In the photos, that's them moving, so that's as high as they go.

      They're used for rescues - often from quicksand/mud - when the water's not very deep. They're perfectly happy going over water (there used to be a large one that did cross-Channel trips from England to France and back) but are ideal (for us from a rescue point of view) for when there's not much water.

      The only restriction is that the sea can't be too high - it has to be reasonably flat.

    2. So, the Dover-Calais hovercraft route has been stopped?

  2. Neat!
    I saw a show on how those are made.
    They are really something else.