Thursday, April 5, 2012

96/366...Wishing and Hoping....

How Much for the Kitties in the Window?

Subsitute posting for Rose and Hobby...

My girls looking out the window on a foggy February morning. My girls are indoor kittehs, so they take any chance they get to see the outside. This particular morning, they were treated to the outside smells, because I had the window open.  They were pleased with Mommy that day.

Location: Calma's family room.
Port Orchard, WA....


  1. Pretty. :)

    Our kitties do that too. Sometimes they get out. Sometimes they get thrown out by their tails...but most of the time they do that. :P


  2. Calma China is the very same way!!! She sits and chatters at the birds, gets so excited over the bunnies playing out there. But due to the eagles and the hawks I don't dare let her go outside. So she sits and admires the great out of doors from the safety of her perch or the back door stool!! :D

    Your kittehs are so cute and they look so soft!!