Thursday, April 26, 2012

117/366 Hobbity Sunday :D

On Sunday, my sweetheart made scones for us for tea. :D
I'd had scones in Dorset last year, and liked them, too, but these were my first fresh-from-the-oven-homemade scones, and they were looooovely!
There's even some clotted cream to go with them: we'd found the jar in a deli store some months ago. It was clotted cream with brandy, and they'd been quite generous with the brandy, so it was a bit strong, but nevertheless just the thing to go with scones. The little jam-jars are freebies of home-made jam they give you at our currently favourite restaurant in town.
Needless to say, these were a bit too many for the two of us, so we shared the remainder and I had mine on Monday with my own home-made jam, which, although I say it myself, beat the restaurant's ;) - and I found that butter instead of clotted cream is delicious on the scones, too. :D


  1. OH YUM!!!!

    Those look scrumptious!
    Good on your sweetie to make them for tea.


  2. Hobby, that looks absolutely divine! I used to make scones all of the time.. but I've been watching my weight, so not so much lately. :( I often make mine in a triangular shape and fill them with cherry jam. Oi.. I may have to make some this Sunday!

    And +++ for a sweetie who likes to cook!!


    1. Guess it's always a good thing to be watching your weight, but don't deprive yourself of good things too much. :D I have to admit, I put on quite a bit of weight recently, though.

      And, yes, so happy that my sweetie not only likes to cook, but really enjoys food. :D <3

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  4. Sorry I made an error in my posting.

    Ooooo those look so very good!!! You will have to make some for us when we meet you again!!!


    1. I don't know how they are made - the recipe is all in ounces, too. I should ask my sweetie to translate it, though, I'd like to learn how to make them. So, yeah, next time - would be so cool to meet you again! :D

  5. Love a scone and they look scrummy