Wednesday, May 11, 2011

131/365...Meet Jonathan...

Jonathan B.
 I really wasn't expecting a Mother's Day gift. (really big car repair...:P)
But my youngest came through for me and his friend knows my love of chocolate.
The card gave me cause to laugh loudly. The inside reads: I may have gone green, but I'm still thinking chocolate!

And don't worry, my babyman made my favorite dinner for me. :D
And my oldest cleaned up afterwards.... :D

Hope all mothers had a good day.

Calma's family room... Port Orchard, WA.


  1. LOL on the card, perfect for you!! Glad you did have a good Mothers Day!! Enjoy the chocolate. And you can never have enough stuffed bears, right? :D


  2. Calma I absolutely love the card. Oh my how true it is very most of us. :D What a cute bear too!! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!


  3. That cat card--love it!! :rofl:

    We were getting my mom a Beanie Baby bear ever year for Mother's Day for a while--seeing this makes me remember that and wonder why we stopped...