Friday, May 13, 2011

133/365: Kanzashi

Sil here. We've been having some Blogger glitches today due to site maintenance, so I'm posting for now. The above is a kanzashi, a hair flower made using a Japanese style of folding little squares of fabric to make petals, which are then assembled into flowers. There are a lot of traditional types of kanzashi worn, for instance, by maiko and geisha--this isn't a traditional design, just one I made up. I also used hot glue rather than rice glue (heresy!) for faster assembly time. Kansashi-making is something I took up last summer--I was hoping it'd be something to do during the semester to keep me sane, but it turns out I don't really have time for sanity. :P



  1. That is beautiful Sil hon!! Wow!! I bet it takes time and patience to do that. I don't have either at this point for something so tedious but it is beautiful!!


  2. That's really pretty, and so neatly done!

  3. Just lovely hand work on that, Sil. Now I know what you have been working on. ;)

    :D Love it.